Retail Demand Forecasting with Demandio

by RealMINT

Demandio is a solution for forecasting future product demand, powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.


Data Engineering Module

Our development team expertly handles all necessary data cleaning and preprocessing steps, allowing your IT department to concentrate on core business activities.

AI Module

Our automated platform intelligently selects and deploys the most effective AI models tailored to your needs and continuously enhances them as new data emerges.


Informative Dashboards

Informative Dashboards: Access a suite of intuitive graphical interfaces that provide accurate demand forecasts for thousands of products, enabling proactive decision-making.


Our solution

Traditional forecasting approaches, based solely on human experience or statistics, often fall short. Empirical forecasts are highly subjective and fail to consider the vast amounts of data generated by retail companies. Likewise, statistical forecasting is not adaptive to changing market conditions and cannot integrate external data. In contrast, our AI-driven demand forecasting solution continuously improves, learning demand patterns from both sales data and promotional activities. By dynamically adapting to the environment, it supports optimal inventory management and cost-efficiency.


E-commerce Support:

Demandio’s powerful forecasting capabilities are now available for e-shops through e-Demandio. This advanced technology, tested across hundreds of retail stores, also takes product reviews into account to ensure greater accuracy.

Case study

Our Client


Demandio accurately forecasts the demand for thousands of products across over 100 Masoutis stores. Utilizing historical sales data and promotional activities, our machine learning models effectively anticipate market trends and seasonality effects, delivering precise and reliable demand forecasts.

Our Partner


Demandio is also available through AI Studio, a leading platform for developing AI solutions. AI Studio targets companies seeking a complete digital transformation, offering robust tools and resources to implement advanced AI capabilities effectively.

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